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An innovative AI-based assessment and matching recruitment platform.

Our vision:

To change the way companies recruit today

Stop drowning in an ocean of resumes. You, as
a recruiter will only get to see the highest-ranking


3D Personal profile


Assessing soft skills can only be done by actually doing them, but to get as close to real-life situations as possible, RecrootiQA uses life-like simulations. This methodology is based on ‘low-fidelity simulations’. ’Low-fidelity simulations’ and ‘situational judgment tests’ are two topics that have been researched for the last 20 years. 
From the recruiter’s point of view, the sampling process is based on life-like events, which translates into the highest possible sampling relevance and prediction ability.

For the candidate, it’s an engaging and fun experience.

100% personalized assessment process

By leveraging machine learning, powerful AI (one of two different MLS embedded in RecrootiQA), and other unique technologies, RecrootiQA is the only tool that makes a 100% personalized assessment process possible. It makes no sense to have several candidates go through the exact same assessment process.

Using AI, we build a temporary profile for each candidate. The system then takes over and starts creating the perfect assessment process online.


Performance-based filtering

Matching candidates based on performance

The best way to know if a candidate will be productive and an excellent addition to your team are by checking his/her performance. You might want to hire multiple candidates, but of course, that is impossible, and you will have to decide. This can be done by monitoring their performance. RecrootiQA helps you with this impossible mission by using a second ML that collects customer feedback as well as deep learning to understand which profile will perform best.

If it’s a fantasy – RecrootiQA will make it come true!


The process is simple

The recruiter selects a set of requirements (based on our best practices or manually) and publishes 
the link. 

Based on the second ML, only relevant candidates will be filtered and shown on the job list. All candidates in the list will have
a personal profile and analysis.

The candidate clicks the link, registers, and conducts a 100% personalized, simulation-based assessment process 
which is driven by AI & ML.

After hiring, customer feedback regarding the performance will be used to train the matching ML.


Main benefits


Better match = 
Better performance


Save more than
80% of the effort 
spent for a job


1600$ direct save
per a job +
indirect savings


Save ~15K$ per
hiring mistake

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